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I made cookies today! Isn’t that crazy? I don’t really like to bake.  Ok… maybe sometimes. Well, ok, fine if you count pizza dough as baking then I guess I do a good bit. But, seriously, I don’t love to bake sweets, but this time I did because it benefits Susan G. Koman Cook for the […]

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Have you ever had those brownies made with Ghirardelli brownie mix and the big fat Symphony bar in the middle? Those are pretty fantastic, decadent and easy. This is my spin on those. My first batch turned out too dry, so I made adjustments and I think this concoction works. And I used a salted […]

Chocolate Bread


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I’m going to have to blame this on Pinterest. Damn it, Pinterest. Not only are you taking over the entire internet, you’re converting a non-baker. How many times have I told y’all I’m not a baker?? Once, twice, fifteen times? Something about all those seductively delicious looking cupcakes and breads screaming at me from their […]

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I couldn’t be more pleased to do a guest post for Shea and her Dixie Chik Cooks. I’ve loved her blog for a long time because not only are her recipes and photos good, the girl’s got sass. I love that. We should all have that no-nonsense attitude when it comes to cooking. Since Shea […]

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This cookie bar is insanity. Chocolate, Oreo, cookie, fudgey insanity. I find myself posting more and more sweets here lately; but they are not for me, mind you. I live with three garbage disposals and they mainly dispose of sugar, chocolate and/or more sugar and chocolate….throwing in the random Cheez-It. Good thing I’ve learned to sneak […]

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