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Y’all are gonna like these. Although jalapenos aren’t involved, I got pretty excited about them. When sweet gets together and marries salty, it’s always a good thing. AND they’re cinch to make.

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Today, just for you, it’s chocolate instead of jalapenos. Or cheese. It’s cookies with chocolate. There’s never a better time for baking cookies than Christmas, even for me, and we all know I’m not the most skilled baker.

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I was recently contacted by a rep from Yummly with an opportunity to put my own spin on their traditional Oreo Cookie Balls, which are crushed Oreos with cream cheese, rolled into balls and dipped in chocolate. I spun it. Like a boss.

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Back (ok, way back) before I turned 30, I loved sweets. M&M’s, tiramasu, cheesecake… and Key Lime Pie was my favorite. As a matter of fact, my husband brought home a key lime pie for my last birthday knowing I wouldn’t want any. He’s a sentimental sap, bless his heart. I have no idea what changed; […]

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I have a quick post for y’all today. It’s easy peasy and it’s just in time for summer, which happens to be my favorite time of year. I would love for it to be 90 degrees all the time, and the ability to lay at the pool/beach at will every day of the week. And limitless […]

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