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2 comments They are the epitome of great fusion. Jalapeno poppers transformed into baked wontons paired with two fabulous dips. However, I’m really struggling with how to write this recipe. See, I want this to be easy for you but the fact that I used leftovers makes it a bit difficult. I had about a dozen bacon […]

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Holy Mother of God. This sandwich. I’m kinda at a loss for words. (Ok, not really).  I know I said in my last post that the next one wouldn’t be a burger or slider, or sandwich, but just hear me out. This is off the charts fantastic. Like, it makes you wanna cuss. Ok, so first […]

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I know. The name is a mouthful. And it doesn’t even completely describe exactly how delicious these are. They’re a combination of ground turkey and ground chicken. The taste is surprisingly good, and the texture is even different from your typical turkey burger. I mixed the two out of sheer curiosity because that kind of […]

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That’s right. I did it. I made drunk cake balls. Rolled around in bacon. As you all know, I couldn’t care less about sweets. Just give me my jalapenos and cheese and hot sauce. And burgers. And more jalapenos.

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Oh, dear. How do I begin to explain this one. It’s just a delicious, magical and sinful hot mess all full of bacon goodness and wrapped up in a pretty little pretzel bun bow.

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