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I have so much to share with y’all. Meet my 18 month old niece Liza. Last week she and my sister came down for a visit – way overdue!! My niece is just so intelligent. The girl knows good food; she loved her some salmon ceviche. Do you have any idea how proud that made me???

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Top Ten Tuesday


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Here’s ten of my favorite things on the web this week – Bacon Goat Cheese Burgers with Honey and Arugula – I’ll take a one. Or four. Spinach Artichoke Macaroni and Cheese – Looks so good. Pomegranate Hummus – Why haven’t I thought of that? Chicken Baked Ziti - Comfort food! Chimichurri Fries with Queso Fresco […]

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Yes. I know it’s the dead ass of winter. But I love tomatoes. And I really love Mozzarella (but not nearly as much as my husband).

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Raise your hand if you’re dieting now that it’s the New Year! My husband is; he wants to lose 47 pounds. Below is our wedding day – March 5th, 2005. He weighed 185 pounds; keep in mind he’s 5’9″. (Awww, he fits me just perfectly). He wants to be 190.  (I don’t think he needs to lose […]

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Do you love Fontina cheese like I do? I think it’s probably the most perfect cheese ever made; it melts so.damn.perfectly. I find myself hoarding it when I buy it; like shoving it in the way, way back of the cheese drawer in the fridge so it’s really hard to see. That’s so immature of […]

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