Blue Balls Cocktail

Today I’m sharing a recipe with you, not food, but a cocktail made with a brand of vodka called “Balls“. Yes, that’s the real label name. They recently sent me a bottle to try and I have to be honest…coming up with a name for my drink was too much fun.

After entertaining several different names, I ultimately settled on “Blue Balls“.

It’s blue. And it’s Balls.

The pin-up girl that adornes the front of their bottle is very reminiscent of my own logo – so they kinda reeled me in at that point.

The taste of the vodka is very clean and smooth – (keep in mind I don’t typically drink vodka straight so I really have no idea what I’m talking about). I can definitely say, however, that this drink is awesome.

It consists of Balls Vodka, Blue Curacoao, Jalapeno Simple Syrup and pineapple juice. 
IMGP5346 It’s a little fiery – but you can handle it!

Blue Balls Cocktail



  • Combine in a shaker with ice; pour into chilled glass and serve.

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  1. snicker….balls….snicker. And it’s blue… snicker.
    Malia @ Small Town Girl recently posted..Flirtini

  2. I live in a house full of boys, anything called balls is funny 🙂 this is kind of genius and sounds delicious!
    Krista recently posted..Wake Up Wednesday #82

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