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If you like, love, or even remotely care about salsa, pico de gallo, or even tomatoes, drop everything you’re doing and go make this right now this very second. It will make your day. I’ve made this a bazillion times and a bazillion different ways.

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I know what you’re gonna say. You put black eyed peas and pomegranate in your queso?? Shea, are you just trying to be crazy off the charts creative? No. I have ideas about food that literally pop up in my head daily. Hourly. I have no control over this – I text myself random ideas […]

Tuesday Top Ten


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My top loves this week… 1. Married Filing Jointly introduces us to a movie that I apparently wasn’t aware of, “The Song“. I’m interested. I also like to sucker my husband into watching sappy ass movies with me. 2. Sriracha Chicken Pot Pies – I’m all in. 3. Pork Tenderloin Wellington. Did she put that […]

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It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with all things jalapenos. And jalapeno popper anything. This time of year I’m always thinking of new ways to reinvent the appetizer wheel. Ok, fine, I’m doing that any time of the year. I especially love to make things I can “dip”. I recently discovered Bob’s Red Mill Artisan […]

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Have you ever had quiche in a wonton skin? Well, let me tell you, they rock. At first I was skeptical about it would all work out. I did have some pie crust dough on hand, but I had a ton of wonton skins that needed a job to do.

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