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I just wanted to quickly post my submission to the Inappropriate Elf Contest hosted by Baby Rabies! I meant to do this sooner, but time has really gotten away from me. The contest ends tonight at midnight CST if you’re interested in participating. The prize is an Apple iPad 2. You can enter here. After […]

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It’s that time. Christmas parties, office Holiday get togethers, family gatherings, etc. You want to bring something to contribute to that big party that isn’t sooooooo……BORING. Let’s take a look at what we’re all used to shall we…. 1)  Sausage Balls.  Don’t get me wrong, I really love sausage balls but they are kinda cliché, […]

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This cookie bar is insanity. Chocolate, Oreo, cookie, fudgey insanity. I find myself posting more and more sweets here lately; but they are not for me, mind you. I live with three garbage disposals and they mainly dispose of sugar, chocolate and/or more sugar and chocolate….throwing in the random Cheez-It. Good thing I’ve learned to sneak […]

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